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Dear HTIA Instructor or Practitioner, Congratulations on having completed the necessary requirements for receiving this certification. Listed below are the terms and conditions of certification and the statement of ethics.

Terms and Conditions of Certification including a Statement of Ethics

  1. The highest standard of ethical and moral conduct is required for HTIA certification. Instructor or Practitioner shall conform to the "Standard of Ethics" set forth by HTIA.

    HTIA of the Americas Code of Professional Ethics

    As Healing Tao Instructors we agree to:
    1. Respect Master Mantak Chia, the Healing Tao/Universal Tao teachings, other instructors, associates and practitioners, and all students, in our words and actions.
    2. Be honest in representing our background and experience to students and the general public.
    3. Be clear when informing students about fees, conditions of the class, duration and expected results.
    4. Do no physical insult or verbal abuse nor touch with sexual intent, the body of any student under our professional influence. None of the Healing Tao practices require student disrobing.
    5. Be scrupulous in maintaining the boundaries of the teacher-student relationship and be clear in our communications.
    6. Be accountable to our Healing Tao peers and cooperate with any complaint procedure.

    (Please see companion document: "Ethics Code and Complaint Procedure".)
  • In order to keep a high standard of qualification, a minimum of 14 hours of CEU’s of Healing Tao training is required every two years. All previously Certified Instructors and Practitioners must attend refresher courses to maintain an updated body of knowledge regarding these practices. Those who have not actively taught for three years or more and haven’t reviewed will be dropped from the Certified Instructors mailing list and moved to the Non-active Instructors List. To reactivate, a week-long retreat or the equivalent of 35 hours is required.
  • You are only allowed to teach the practices you are certified in.
  • Members in HTIA abide by the rules and regulations of the organization. A member must maintain good standing with regard to dues established by the association and membership must be kept current.
  • Certification by HTIA carries no express or implied insurance coverage for liability incurred while instructing Healing Tao practices. Liability insurance is the responsibility of the Instructor/Practitioner and should be obtained and maintained by each individual Instructor/Practitioner.
  • Certification by HTIA carries no express or implied authority to practice medicine. HTIA certification is for instructing individuals to care for themselves.
  • No instruction may be given to any person under the age of 18 years without prior express written consent of a parent or legal guardian. Such express written consent must be maintained on file by the Instructor or Practitioner.
  • All Instructors and Practitioners should maintain records of attendance of all students participating in Healing Tao courses.
  • If the area in which the Instructor/Practitioner is going to be teaching/practicing is outside her/his 100 miles, as a courtesy, inform the local Instructors/Practitioners to coordinate schedules.
  • Violation of the above terms and conditions of certification, standards or ethics of HTIA, or the rendering of improper training or instruction will be reviewed by the Ethics Committee with the possibility of sanction or revocation of certification.

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