General Information

To become a Healing Tao Instructor


We are excited that you are interested in the journey to become an Healing Tao Instructor.  You will be joining a community of teachers that has been given permission to teach and advertise instruction in the Healing Tao Basic practices of Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, and Microcosmic Orbit.


There are two pathways to become an Instructor:


First method:  Do the work required to become an Associate Instructor. Then afterward upgrade to Instructor.

Second method:  Do all the prerequisite background for Instructor straight away.  Test for Instructor directly.


Both Associate Instructors and Instructors are permitted to teach the Healing Tao Basic practices (Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit, and related qigong).  To teach anything other this, one must first be an Instructor and then pass upgrade certifications in the topics you wish to teach.

Being certified as an Instructor requires more training hours than being certified as an Associate Instructor.


An Associate Instructor has the following restrictions:

  1. Associate Instructors may only teach within 50 miles of their local area.
  2. Associate Instructors may not begin testing for upgrade certifications until they have upgraded to Instructor.
  3. The students of Associate Instructors may not count their hours in their training record toward their hours needed for certification.
  4. HTIA “expects” that an Associate Instructor will finish their coursework and upgrade to Instructor within 2 years.